Key Findings from the 2020 B2B ECommerce Platforms Report

When it comes to finding and deploying the right B2B eCommerce technology, having a growing number of flexible options, each with strengths and unique features, is definitely a luxury. The challenge then becomes finding which platform is the best fit for a specific business.

B2B sellers must discover what features are required, what aligns with their eCommerce strategy, and what their B2B buyers are looking for in an eCommerce purchasing experience. With many businesses greatly accelerating their digital journeys due to the global pandemic, speed of implementation also becomes an important factor. Lastly, what is this all going to cost? Different platforms have different pricing models and levels implementation complexity, causing many businesses to leverage 3rd party web developers to get the storefront up and running. 

Download the key findings from the 2020 B2B ECommerce Platforms Report and explore eCommerce case studies of five different B2B retailers, discover the latest innovative features that have been added to different platform offerings, and learn which platforms are most popular among the Digital Commerce 360 Top 1,000 Retailers.

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