Key Findings from the 2020 B2B Distributor Report

B2B eCommerce has been a roller coaster ride for B2B Distributors and Wholesalers in 2020. Digital plans have been rapidly accelerated, and better eCommerce times online lie ahead. But to grow in 2021 and beyond, many distributors must stay focused on how eCommerce is evolving and must give digital B2B buyers the processes and experiences they want and expect.

B2B eCommerce for the United States' top 411,000 distributors grew nearly 22 times faster than both total and all-digital channel sales last year. B2B eCommerce also grew more than 20 times faster than sales by phone, fax, mail and distributors’ branch locations. Download the key findings from the 2020 B2B Distributor Report for summary data, analysis and trends on how U.S. distributors and wholesalers are deploying digital strategies to drive growth today and beyond COVID-19.

In the report you will discover:

  • 2021 eCommerce outlook for B2B Distributors
  • Interview with PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman on maximizing B2B automation
  • Breakdown of B2B sales channels for distributors, online versus non-electronic
  • eCommerce best practices and most important features for B2B buyers
  • Grainger Case Study


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