E-Book: 5 Reasons Why Your Suppliers are Reluctant to Change



Companies around the world are implementing e-procurement software to simplify the procure-to-pay process, ultimately changing the way companies purchase, sell, and transact with one another. A critical component in the successful implementation and adoption of e-procurement technology for you, as a buying organization, falls to the role of your suppliers. However, engaging suppliers to participate has proven to be challenging for many reasons.


PunchOut2Go surveyed 800 buying organizations in July 2017 to gather information and uncover any new trends around supplier adoption. The results of the survey yielded that getting suppliers on board continues to be an obstacle for the majority of buying organizations, and maybe you’re feeling the same way at your company. The results of the Supplier Adoption Survey 2017 by PunchOut2Go found that:

  • 62% of buying organizations encounter suppliers reluctant to adopt and sell through their marketplace
  • 70% of buying organizations encounter suppliers that have issues supporting electronic purchase order and invoicing
  • 52% of buying organizations encounter suppliers that have issues integrating catalogs to their marketplace
  • The average percentage of suppliers integrated within a buying organization’s marketplace is only 15%

So, why are suppliers reluctant to engage? Read this E-Book to find out the 5 largest barriers your suppliers are currently facing.

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