eProcurement 101 for B2B Manufacturers & Distributors

B2B eCommerce Trends

The goal of eProcurement is to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness of procurement processes while gaining visibility into spend.

With an estimated 32 million hours of U.S. employee time wasted each year due to the inefficiency of traditional procurement practices, the eProcurement market is positioned to continue experiencing rapid growth. As a B2B sales channel, eProcurement is increasing 37% annually, making it the fastest-growing B2B channel, surpassing even direct B2B commerce.

Download the complimentary eProcurement 101 for B2B Suppliers eBook to learn how to leverage trends in the eProcurement market to enhance business value and drive sales through eCommerce.

In this eProcurement 101 eBook, you will learn:

  • B2B eProcurement market overview and trends
  • Goals and most valuable features of eProcurement systems
  • Modern challenges that eProcurement solves
  • Benefits of eProcurement for suppliers
  • The Value of integrating with buyers' eProcurement systems
  • Insight into the PunchOut process and order-to-invoice automation
  • and more on B2B eProcurement ...

As more and more buyers are demanding a seamless connection with their suppliers for PunchOut catalog functionality and order-to-invoice automation, there is a growing need for suppliers to gain a deep understanding of the eProcurement space to maintain strong relationships with buyers and grow existing accounts. Equally necessary is the need for cloud-based third-party data integration partners to facilitate the desired connections between B2B buyers and suppliers.

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