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Digital Commerce 360 Chat Series: Why the Future of eProcurement is Happening Now

In this digital chat, PunchOut2Go CEO Brady Behrman is joined by editor of Digital Commerce 360, Mark Brohan, Deloitte Digital Managing Director - Commerce & Content Practice, Paul do Forno and Vice President of eCommerce/Digital Strategy at Hanes Supply, Billy Hanes, to discuss why the eProcurement sales channel is a critical component of a company's overall digital commerce strategy, the challenges B2B suppliers face when implementing and growing the eProcurement channel, and why offering PunchOut catalog and B2B sales order automation capabilities is becoming a requirement from B2B buying organizations.

EProcurement is the fastest-growing digital U.S. sales channels for B2B companies of all sizes, with 2019 sales that grew year over year by 17.6% to $700 million, according to Digital Commerce 360. Is your company ready to support your customer's that prefer to do business through their procurement system? 

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