Key Findings from the 2021 Customer Connections Report


According to B2B eCommerce analysts, there are several converging trends pressuring and helping businesses to get on board with new and more effective ways for sellers to target and engage customers on the customers' own terms rather than on their own.

As opposed to traditional marketing and customer engagement campaigns designed to support the process of a “seller-led” and complex buying decision, newer collections of technology applications and strategies are designed more for reaching out to customers based on their needs and interests—rather than what a company most wants to sell.

These customer-focused strategies coincide with changing characteristics and increasing demands among buyers and buyer groups. For one thing, many B2B purchases now include several buyers involved in the purchasing decision, and many buyers are using more online search and online video content during their buying journey. The trend is toward customer experience and centricity, with B2B companies and executives realizing that buyers want more connected, more integrated customer experiences.

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